Keith Rose Innes

Keith Rose Innes in Just a Few Lines

My fishing and guiding portfolio is extensive. I have twenty years guiding experience and over thirty-two years fly-fishing experience. I have been fly fishing my entire life – having followed in my Scottish grandfather, Harry Stewarts’, footsteps. Like him, I have travelled around the globe in the hunt for gamefish. My guiding portfolio extends to over twenty-two countries and includes twenty years’ worth of exploring, pioneering, promoting and establishing the remote atolls of the Seychelles firmly in the world’s fly-fishing calendar. I was the first to fly fish and guide trips to numerous of the, now well-known, outer atolls of the Seychelles.

Fighting GTs in the Indian Ocean

My extensive experience in the Indian Ocean, has made me one of the most experienced GT guides and fly fishermen around. Over five thousand two hundred clients of mine having caught GTs on fly rods. I have been at the forefront of developing techniques on how to catch various previously un-caught fish species found in the Indian Ocean. I am also credited with successfully deciphering how to catch the first bumphead parrotfish on fly. My hard GT fighting technique is unique and has been adopted by many guides and anglers over the years. In consequence, I have worked alongside various fly rod, line, hook, braid, clothing and reel companies who aim to develop a standard of tackle, gear and rigging that can survive the extremities associated with casting big flies and fighting explosive gamefish in the tropics.

Experience in Non-Saltwater Environments

I am also a game boat captain. My experience extends further than salt water species, as I spent four years as head guide on the Ponoi River in Russia, fishing for Atlantic Salmon. I am the Managing Director, and one of the founding members, of Alphonse Fishing Company, which is one of the biggest fly-fishing operations in the world. It travels to five different island destinations: Alphonse Island, St Francois Atoll, Astove Atoll, Cosmoledo Atoll and Poivre Atoll.